“The Muddy Girlz”

“The Muddy Girlz” Training Programs


Do you…

  • Wholeheartedly embrace adventure?
  • Seek to empower yourself and your kids with bold courage?
  • Know that having fun and getting dirty is one of the best parts of life?
  • Embrace life and love to the fullest for ourselves and our families?

If so, you’re in the right place.

These are the core values that “The Muddy Girlz” training team pours into our training and line of apparel. We live these values out loud in our homes, our business, and our lives every day, and we teach our kids to do the same.

The Muddy Girlz brand is a show of support for the education and safety of our children as we release them into adventure in their lives.  “The Muddy Girlz” training teams are made up of passionate female leaders who feel that empowering both youth and communities to speak out on ATV safety is vital in our rural communities.  Our teams are fun, outgoing and have a less intimidating approach to ATV’s than normally found.  Our parent organization, Mudd Safety, is dedicated to the education process and safety awareness for both kids and adults alike.  So stand with us in love for the kids in our community and proudly support  the Muddy Girlz!

So cool, this is a great idea for girls that like to ride and support a cause.  Go Muddygirlz!!!  -Cori P.

My name is Jodie Stauffer and I am the founder and owner of Muddy Girlz by Mudd Safety. Ladies pink scaledThis whole vision began years ago when my daughters were little.

The original vision was really about empowering my daughters and myself. I had no idea back then, that this would eventually spread into a movement that many others would embrace.

Mudd Safety and “The Muddy Girlz” training teams were born when I, along with my daughters and other moms began to put together coaching courses on ATV safety for kids. The more I coached, the more people came to me requesting me to do more, and to keep this going for other families and kids in the surrounding communities. It was a movement that I could no longer contain – it was organically building itself through word of mouth, and a growing need for ATV safety instruction.

Today,  “The Muddy Girlz” training teams are helping hundreds of kids and families embrace adventure, wholeheartedly, and equip them with the courage and smarts they need to ride ATVs with safety in mind first. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching the young boys and girls light up in this feeling of, “I can do this” and “I am safe” as they learn to ride with the team of Muddy Girlz at Mudd Safety.

Jodie Stauffer, President Mudd Safety and Muddy Girlz

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