Mudd Safety


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 The Mudd Safety Story

My name is Jodie Stauffer and I am the founder and owner of Mudd Safety and Muddy Girlz. This whole vision began years ago when my daughters were little. I was an active ATV enthusiast, that wanted to make adventure and courage the centerpieces of our family life together. These core values were important to my process of empowering myself as a female in this sport, and inspiring my little girls to live life wholeheartedly without holding back or limitations.

I believed that solid education about safety and respect for the equipment, would provide good boundaries with a healthy outlook on fear that would not inhibit, but would rather open up freedom for them outdoors and on the trails.

I had no idea back then, that this would eventually spread into a movement that many others would embrace.  As I began to connect in local communities, I discovered an interesting unmet need out there. So many rural riders had access and exposure to ATVs, but  were really uneasy and unsure about the best way to safely support that desire for adventure when it came to these vehicles.  It’s scary to see the risks, danger and statistics surrounding the sport. And training options are sometime intimidating or limiting for many reasons.  We found that making training easy and accessible by supplying the ATV’s and Riding Gear in a mobile training unit, removed most limitations and opened up the opportunity for training at all levels.

It was in this paradox that Mudd Safety and “The Muddy Girlz” training team were born.  I began to put together coaching courses on ATV safety for kids. The more I coached, the more people came to me requesting me to do more, and to keep this going for other families and surrounding communities.  It was a movement that I could no longer contain – it was organically building itself through word of mouth, and a growing need for ATV safety instruction.

Today, we are not only helping hundreds of kids and families embrace adventure, wholeheartedly, and equip them with the courage and smarts they need to ride ATV’s, but have expanded into Recreational and Industry Certification training using our same strategy to make it mobile, fun and accessible for all riders.